Hi, I am Valerie Clay. My Online Journal is all about helping you overcome financial & emotional issues that hold you back…

I have to be honest, when I first began, I had no idea where this website was going; no clue.

I stared aimlessly at a blank page wondering what to write first?

I had just taken a break from the real estate business, opened my first online furniture store, and was in transition back into selling antiques and decorating.

If you’re feeling frisky, and want to follow me on FB, my business page is www.facebook.com/valerieclaydesigns. That page is all about my design work and hobbies. My actual website is valerieclaydesigns.com, and it tells all about who I am and what I do. The short explanation is, I am basically a creator.

I always appreciate it when my readers share my page with their friends and LOVE you guys for it. 😁

I know from experience when you first try something new, you will experience fear, or reluctance somewhere along the way.

So, I ignored the voices in my head telling me that this website would not be worth my time, and kept at it. It has surely paid off as I’ve had one person after another tell me they have been helped by what I write. Shwooh. 😅

I had way too much going on to be trying to start yet another website. Yet, here I was, being poked and prodded from within, with words that needed to come out.

Throughout the entire process of learning to use WordPress, I’ve had a strong feeling that someone, somewhere is waiting for answers. I can sense a need, a hunger for a better life.

I’ve got good news for you, you DO NOT have to be stuck in a life of defeat.

My goal here is to create content that will help you BREAK FREE from habits that create bondage, from past abuse, and from the opinions of others.


People seem to think that time is your most valuable asset, but I beg to differ. YOU are your most valuable asset.

Your emotional, financial, & spiritual position in life all add up to who you are. The person you choose to be is what determines the outcome you have in life.

Your choices lead you to freedom or bondage.

What you do with your time is extremely important, but your most valuable asset is you being whole; spirit, soul, & body.

Get one or more of these things out of whack, and it affects your entire life. A whole person is one who lives out their calling, reaches their destiny, and accomplishes their goals.

Broken people typically float around wondering what their calling is in life, and have no real sense of direction.

A lack of focus then creates a life spent broken in one form or another.

So, the first step to helping you reach your destiny is to help you fix what has been broken.

Wouldn’t you agree? That’s what Break Free Daily is all about.


Your destiny is not in the hands of your job, boss, or dependent on your college education.

I know people who have degrees who are without a job, or who have a job that has absolutely nothing to do with what they went to school for.

What good is a degree you don’t use, except for maybe bragging rights?

I am not knocking a college degree, but too many people get one without a clear sense of direction, and waste their parent’s money, and their own time.

Or they get into a huge amount of debt that takes them YEARS to pay off.

Will Smith, one of today’s most famous actors has the persona of being a well spoken, and educated individual. But did you know he didn’t even go to college?

He has been called the most powerful actor in Hollywood, and was ranked as the most bankable star in the world, according to Forbes.

He made his talents work for him because he was willing to work hard at being the best he could be.

The people who know who they are, are the people who are driven to succeed, without fear of what others think. Your destiny is in your own hands.

The choices you make lead you to fulfilling your calling, or struggling to make ends meet. It’s all in what you choose to do THIS DAY.

Tomorrow is always determined by what you do today.

You want to change your future? Change your today. Get up and DO something different.

Doing the same old thing, the same old way, will get you the same old results.


So, should you walk in Will Smith’s footsteps, and take a chance at not getting a college degree?

No. That is not what I am saying at all.

What I am saying is get yourself in a position to be able to CHOOSE what comes next. Whatever you do in life, do things that bring RESULTS.


My husband and I have paid off over $100,000 of debt since we have been together.

I don’t know about you but I consider that to be a HUGE chunk of change.

Read about that here.

We didn’t do it easily or without years of hard work, dedication, and even blood, sweat, and the desire to cry many times.

We’ve remodeled more rooms, painted more furniture, sold more stuff, and did more side jobs than anyone I have ever known… but together we did it.

Above all, blessed would describe us accurately, and I thank God daily for the lifestyle He has given us. 👍

Michael has the math and spreadsheet skills. I have the business knowledge and NEVER ENDING brain-bank of ideas on how to make money. Together we make a couple who get things done.

You can read about how I can help you start your own business here.

About Me

Growing up in the deep south has not been easy.

Physical abuse, molestation, rape, and neglect in many ways caused me to gravitate toward being bitter toward my parent’s inability to love me as they should have.

BREAKING FREE from the chains of mental bondage has been my biggest challenge, and learning to forgive them has been a long journey.

Ingrained ignorance held me back, but my struggle became a saving grace, as I grew to realize that all of that pain could actually be used as inner strength.

Resilience has been reaped, and I now want to use it to help others. Helping you BREAK FREE from past hurts, past abuse, & current debt are my goals.

Please keep up with my regular posts (I will post as often as possible) and follow me on social media to see when I add a new article. My promise to you, is to pray for you, and give you positive encouragement designed to help you break free from bad habits, a negative mindset, and hopefully from addictions.

You DO have a choice in this life, choose peace.


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