Val’s Keto & Low-Carb Recipes

Val’s Keto & Low-Carb Recipes

Hi, I’m Valerie Clay.
I’m a blogger, writer, artist, & designer.

I normally write about eliminating bad habits but I’m on the brink of changing my blog to be mostly about healthy living. On the quest for a change, I stumbled across the keto & low-carb diets in March of 2018.

I had a rare tumor that motivated me to completely change my lifestyle. I lost 48 pounds in seven months. The main thing that helped me to lose that weight was fasting and changing my eating habits. I don’t give keto or low-carb credit for the weight loss. It was a disciplined lifestyle that changed my body.

Over the course of four years, I gained it all back due to some physical limitations and not being able to be active enough even though I’ve remained on low-carb the majority of that time. Even though the weight loss has been a struggle, I still have less inflammation, better mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being.

For this reason, I plan to eat low-carb food for the rest of my life, even though I am not currently on a low-carb diet. I am on the superfood diet and I am well pleased with it so far. I eat low-carb food the majority of the time but I incorporate healthy fats & complex carb superfoods as well. I rarely ever feel hungry on this diet, even when I’m fasting, but my favorite part is the juicing. A smoothie or high protein shake feels like a dessert and keeps me from craving junk food.

My new lifestyle of eating well-balanced meals without going hungry has motivated me to want to help others eat well and get healthy.

I’ve decided to publish my recipes! 🥳

I am now on a quest to help others live healthy lifestyles as well. If I can help one person feel better, it is worth my time writing this blog. Hopefully, my recipes will help some of you along the way. Look for updates. Here’s to good health, my friends!  🥂

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