Diet Drink Addiction

Are you addicted to embalming fluid? Addiction to aspartame is a real thing. Just to be clear, I am an avid Monk Fruit user. It is, in my opinion, the healthiest sweetener you can buy. This is what I use to sweeten my tea, coffee, or desserts at home. However, today I woke up wanting …

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A Positive Mindset

It is so hard to remain positive in a negative world, especially when you receive bad news about your health or about someone you love. Recently, I found out that someone I grew up with has cancer and several other things going on with her health. Having been in her shoes, I know what it …

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Negative Patterns

Some people tend to think they know what they want but when they finally get it, it doesn't satisfy that void they feel inside; so they keep looking for something else. When they find something else it doesn't fill the void either so they search again. This type of lifestyle creates bad spending habits, addictions, …

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