Pain Management Advice

The following advice is for people that need to BREAK FREE DAILY from pain! Pain can cause major depression so getting free from it is extremely important. This list was compiled from my own efforts at being pain free during my most stressful and trying times. As always seek a medical professional before taking advice. …

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How to Handle Toxic People

Realizing that someone is like poison can truly be an eye opener! It is not always apparent at first because many times it is someone that you love. It is important to remember that toxic people don’t care about your desire to be respected. Toxic people only care about themselves. They will make you feel …

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Break Free from Carbs

Carbs are a serious issue in the United States! We eat rice, pasta, unlimited bread, sweets, and sodas without giving it another thought. I spent two years researching different diseases and what effect they have on the body when many of my problems were coming from the way that I eat. After seeing probably 30+ …

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Just One Person, Please!

Last year, while on vacation having testing done at the Mayo Clinic, I was reading an article about a lady who had moved and her daughter was anxious about finding friends at her new school. She told her mother, “I hope there will be at least one other new person there,” and after a long pause …

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