Break Free from Nicotine

To this day, smoking is the leading preventable cause of death and disease. At a whopping 480,000 deaths per year, and over 16 million smoking-related diseases, it has become man's most welcomed- enemy.



This is a real estate & decorating guide for the home buyer or seller. It is also intended to help those interested in the real estate business figure out if a career in real estate is really what they are expecting it to be. It has helpful hints on how to deal with dishonest agents, and a inside information on how to get out of a contract, how to handle contingencies in a contract, and how to back out of a contract.


How We Paid off over $100,000 of Debt

When we first met, Michael and I both were laden with our exes’ financial faux pas. I hate debt because debt creates poverty in many cases. After making a huge mistake going into debt when I first starting keeping house, I haven't since been materialistic enough to go in debt for a lot of possessions. …

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