Have you ever noticed things like money, bills, home, and work issues usually don't even compare to the issues we have with other people? Our biggest problems in life usually aren't the challenges we face, it is usually the people we have to face. Many times those people are those who claim to love us.


For those of you who didn't know, I am a creative artist & designer as well as being a writer. I design for multiple projects including websites, printed publications, and E-books. You can visit valerieclaydesigns.com to view my work. I sell artwork also at Etsy. Below are a few things that you will find at …

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Negative Patterns

Some people tend to think they know what they want but when they finally get it, it doesn't satisfy that void they feel inside; so they keep looking for something else. When they find something else it doesn't fill the void either so they search again. This type of lifestyle creates bad spending habits, addictions, …

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This is a real estate & decorating guide for the home buyer or seller. It is also intended to help those interested in the real estate business figure out if a career in real estate is really what they are expecting it to be. It has helpful hints on how to deal with dishonest agents, and a inside information on how to get out of a contract, how to handle contingencies in a contract, and how to back out of a contract.