Gender Crisis!

Gender Crisis!

I rode bikes, skinned my knees, and climbed trees. I liked playing softball, and basketball and running a football down the field. I grew up with the mindset that if I didn’t do it, it might not get done. I worked hard.

Today, I paint furniture, help lay hardwood, or tear down walls and build new ones. My spouse and I remodel houses. I paint, sand, and scrape. I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.

On most days, I take 10 minutes to do my hair. I wear gym clothes and keep my nails short because they will probably get broken if I don’t. I like hanging out with the guys.

I don’t like shopping unless it is for a client. I don’t really care how many clothes I have as long as I have enough. I am somewhat of a minimalist and it gets worse as I age. I like kicking back in the middle of the woods and sitting around a campfire. I don’t mind smelling like smoke.

If you show up unexpectedly I will probably not be at my best. I may not even have make-up on and I don’t really care.

I see myself as strong, unmoveable, and willing to tackle hard things. I don’t have the desire to be a princess and I never once asked a guy to treat me like one.

You can label me as a tomboy if you want but I am definitely NOT a boy.

I am glad my mother didn’t have my gender changed just because I was different.

Because not only did I like hanging out with the guys, my best friend was a girl. We bonded and our friendship has lasted over thirty years now.

I grew up cleaning my mother’s house, doing most of the laundry, and taking care of my younger brother because I had a motherly spirit. I taught myself how to cook at the age of 10 and I liked it.

I started doing other people’s hair at the age of 13 and came up with my own hairstyles.

I took a liking to fashion & began redesigning my own clothes to turn them into my own style. I liked make-up, skirts, and dressing up.

I learned how to embroider and knit. I taught myself how to sew and make draperies. I liked keeping house and always kept things well organized. I was always decorating, painting something, or trying to make things pretty in my mother’s house.

I liked pink, purple, and sparkles. I never once thought of myself as different than the other girls because we looked the same and we all liked boys.

I may like some guy stuff but I AM A GIRL.

I was born with a vagina and I’m SO glad that I was because I gave birth to the most beautiful boys I have ever seen.

I am ALL girl even though I get my hands dirty. Inside and out.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are and don’t let anyone else talk you into doing something stupid that will mess your child up for the rest of their life.

Society is twisted. Don’t follow people. Let your children be who they already are.

They will grow into something beautiful and yes, maybe, different.

But that’s ok.

They will know who they are when the time is right and realize what a gift life is. Let it happen God’s way. The natural way.

Love them, nurture them, pray over them, and leave their gender alone. God knows what He’s doing.


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