Keto Salmon & Tuna Patty Recipe

Keto Salmon & Tuna Patty Recipe

I really hate those blogs that make you read a long article just to get to the recipe. Don’t you? I am here to help people, not boost my ratings on Google, so here it is πŸ‘‡πŸ» . You can read the article below this recipe if you feel so inclined and have time for my jabbering on about food.

My keto tuna & salmon patties are the best around. Or, at least the best I’ve ever tried. I say that mainly because they don’t taste fishy like many salmon patty recipes. Honestly, I don’t normally like my own cooking but this one takes the cake. Or, it replaces the cake. Or, something like that. πŸ€ͺ

In the past, I preferred to eat out because I didn’t like to eat food that I made. I had many recipes for quick meals that I knew were high in carbs but they were so easy to make. I made exceptions. I felt guilt when I would eat because of those exceptions. Even though I knew I could do better, I was working at the time and told myself every excuse in the book about not having time to cook. I regret that now.

After I started keto & low-carb dieting in March of 2018, I realized a whole new healthy way of preparing food. Keto is more easily done when you prepare your food at home. While learning how to eat better, I renewed my love for cooking and found a new love for myself. I became a better cook and a better me. I learned much more about health & nutrition than I’ve ever known.

I now want to eat to nurture my body. I don’t eat just because I am hungry. I eat because my body needs nutrition. I no longer hate my body for being hungry. It took four years to get to this point but I can finally enjoy my own cooking.

Not that I was ever a bad cook. I just didn’t take an interest in it. I kid you not, I could eat eggs at home and then eat them at a restaurant and they just didn’t taste the same. I’m not sure how you can get an egg wrong but I didn’t like mine.

After researching how many unhealthy ingredients are added to restaurant food, I now realize why my eggs taste different. They’re not covered in margarine, loaded with salt, or heavily loaded down with grease. Now, I would rather have my own eggs and anything else I can make at home. I buy organic when I can and I eat real food when I eat at home.

I now sometimes dread eating out. Trust me, that isn’t a bad thing! My goal is to help others create healthier lifestyles.

Follow my journal to keep up with my newest recipes. I cook these recipes at home so they’ve been proven to taste good as well as contain healthy ingredients. I am new at posting recipes so please drop a comment if you notice something missing. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

As always, check with your doctor before taking my advice.

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