My Keto Diet Kickstart Plan

My Keto Diet Kickstart Plan

Last month I was rushed to the emergency room. The blood work showed I had a blood clot which may have caused a heart attack. Talk about a real eye-opener.

However, I truly believe that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger; if, and that’s a big IF, you learn from your mistakes and are not hard-headed about making the changes you need to make.

Although both the doctors and I suspect the heart attack was attributed to a hormone medication I was on, which causes blood clots, I took it as a sign that I not only needed to get off of that medication but also that I need to add more nutritious foods to my diet.

If you keep up with my posts, you’ll know that I’ve been on keto and low-carb diets since March of 2018. Off and on mostly because keto is hard to maintain due to a restrictive menu. Also, 40 plus years of eating carbs are hard to break.

For over three years now I’ve tried to create a healthier eating pattern. Even when I wasn’t on a diet, I tried to maintain eating healthily. My past love for sweets is what usually got me off a good path temporarily, but I’ve tried to go right back to eating well the next day.

My eating habits are now 100% better than they used to be. I never considered that a heart attack would be a major concern.

My real father died of a heart attack. My mother had her first heart attack around my age and her first stroke not long afterward. I take this seriously.

I stopped taking the hormone replacements the doctor had prescribed and replaced them with flaxseed. Flaxseed is known for its phytoestrogens, which mimics estrogen in the body.   

I highly recommend adding this supplement to your daily diet (if you’re female), as I’ve reaped great benefits.

Although the heart attack was suspected to be medication-related, I stepped up my eating plan. I am now more dedicated to eating nutritious foods.

I want to share with you what I have already experienced from doing that.

Current additions to my REGULAR diet include– organic bone broth, flaxseed, blueberries, strawberries, collagen protein powder, bitter chocolate to help control sugar cravings, avocado when convenient, 100% unsweetened cocoa for its anti-inflammatory properties, and coconut oil.

I did this to get the estrogen, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and heart health benefits. Also, these foods are known to help fight cancer.

The benefits I have seen so far are tremendous!

I have less inflammation, softer skin, less inflamed joints, psoriasis issues have improved, my hands look at least five years younger, and below I will explain what has changed in my breasts.

I’ve always had what they called dense breast tissue, which made them firm and sensitive.

Due to pain and feeling extra lumps in my breast, I had my first mammogram at 39 years of age. It showed signs of a tumor and came back inconclusive for cancer because of having dense breast tissue.

What dense tissue basically means is that my breasts were full of cyst-like lumps that made it hard for a regular mammogram to see through.

Fortunately, what they thought was a tumor was a cyst. 3D imaging kept them from having to do a biopsy and showed that both breasts were full of this type of cyst.

My breasts have always looked perfectly normal but they were always firm, sensitive to squeezing (which made mammograms painful), and made self-exams impossible.

It is amazing to me that after all these years, adding highly nutritious foods has helped my breasts.

I now have soft breast tissue and I am able to do self-examinations at home. I feel no lumps or cysts, and they feel normal for the first time in my life. I would have never guessed reaping this kind of benefit from just simply adding more nutritious foods to my diet.

I am now researching to see what other low-carb highly nutritious foods I can add to my diet. After less than a month’s time, these great improvements have motivated me to eat healthier than ever before.

If you have any sort of health issue, I highly recommend taking a close look at your diet before turning to prescribed medications.

Many times I have been hurt by “expert” medical advice or treatment. One doctor removed the wrong ovary during a partial hysterectomy.

During the next surgery (a full hysterectomy) the doctor cut my main artery, which could have been fatal.

Doctors have advised me to take medications that made things worse.

One doctor almost allowed me to die before he finally performed the surgery I needed.

I have had lawsuits that I didn’t pursue because I realize doctors don’t know it all, and they aren’t perfect. They’re just people and people mess up.

Don’t get me wrong, we NEED doctors. But they are not supposed to be the final authority over our health. Seek medical advice if you need it, but allow wisdom to lead you.

I know many of you are considering getting on the keto diet and you want to know if it is worth giving up the carbs. I am here to tell you it is!

Better than that, adding foods that help your body get healthy makes the journey more interesting. The better I feel, the less I want the crap, I mean carbs, that made me feel bad.

Learn to relate your poor nutritional habits to pain, and you will be able to overcome those nasty little food addictions. Read my book Break Bad Habits to find out more about how my journey began. Also, be looking for my new keto book called The Low Carb Diet ON STEROIDS.

Continue to keep up with my posts and I will update you on a regular basis. I invite you to join me in living a healthier lifestyle. “All the sugar in the world isn’t worth giving up a beautiful you…” slogan for my new book. 😊

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