Is “Grass-Fed” Worth the Price & all the Hype?

Is “Grass-Fed” Worth the Price & all the Hype?

What’s all the hype with eating “grass-fed” food?

Organic food, especially meat, is a little bit more expensive but there’s a reason why. It is much different than the rest of the meat in the grocery store.

The main reason is that regular beef is fed chemicals, corn, grains, and “end items” from other tossed-out food (which is the wrong diet for cows). Odd-ball things have even been found in a cow’s diet such as gum and dog food.

It’s no wonder Americans have so many health issues!

Some farm animals end up also being fed antibiotics in order to overcome the health conditions caused by the wrong diet.

Consuming this poor-quality beef causes humans to be resistant to medicinal antibiotics & have reactions in the form of health conditions (IBS, anxiety, cancer, etc).

Back in the day when we raised our own animals and grew our own food, this wasn’t so much of a problem. Now our food is packed full of stuff we shouldn’t be eating.

I buy organic grass-fed when possible because it is much healthier to eat food that was properly fed, properly housed, and kept healthy throughout its lifespan.

Organic food is worth the price and helps to keep you full because you are getting nutrition rather than additives and fillers.

Some big food industries try to keep it hidden that their livestock is treated inhumanely and fed the wrong diets, but it is becoming increasingly popular to purchase organic for this reason. I wouldn’t recommend eating any other way.

I even bought a Kitchenaid stand mixer (which I never cared about having before now) so that I can enjoy cooking at home more. Now I can create all kinds of goodies and know that what I am eating is healthy.

My mixer can whip, cream, grind meat, shred chicken, slice, dice, and spiralize veggies.

Admittedly, I am frugal. I never gave my cooking appliances much thought until I got serious about my health and eating habits. I was cooking at home more often when the pandemic hit and I realized the need for this mixer.

Stirring keto peanut butter balls by hand didn’t mix well. It’s too sticky and gets all caught up in a hand mixer. So, I found a great deal on a used Kitchenaide stand mixer on Facebook Marketplace.

I decided to buy it used (you know, because I’m frugal) and see if I like using it before committing to a new one.

So far I love it!

Getting healthier is worth the cost so I plan to buy a new one at some point (when I find a great deal that satisfies my frugalness ๐Ÿ˜‰).

Do what you have to do to get healthy.

I now have no excuse for not preparing healthy food at home and creating new habits.

Stop buying food that isn’t helping your body. Do what it takes to get healthy, my friends. Break free from those bad habits, daily.

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