Diet Drink Addiction

Diet Drink Addiction

Are you addicted to embalming fluid?

Addiction to aspartame is a real thing.

Just to be clear, I am an avid Monk Fruit user. It is, in my opinion, the healthiest sweetener you can buy. This is what I use to sweeten my tea, coffee, or desserts at home.

However, today I woke up wanting a diet coke.

I’ve known for years that chemical-based sweeteners should be avoided. However, when we moved about five months ago, I got off of my diet for a short period of time.

My husband was wanting to eat at fast food places. It was easier to grab something quick when we were on the go. I would grab a regular soda since that was the easiest thing to do at the drive-thru.

I don’t like sugar-sweetened tea. Fast-food water tastes like toilet water. So, I settled for getting off my diet, knowing that I normally don’t have a problem getting right back on it.

Once I got back on my diet several weeks later, I started drinking diet sodas as a way of weaning myself back off the sugary stuff.


Diet drinks encourage cravings.

When I woke up this morning wanting a diet coke, I thought, “Are these things addictive?”

So, as usual, I did my research.

I found that not only are they addictive, manufacturers design diet drinks so that your brain thinks you are getting a reward. This makes them just as mentally addictive as physically.

They’re also just as addictive as sugary sodas.

As an attempt to once again get off sugary sodas, I’ve unintentionally replaced one bad habit with another. Ugh.

It’s okay, I can fix this.

I immediately downloaded the Quitzilla app. This is a sobriety app (a free addiction recovery app). It helps you keep up with when you last had a certain substance.

I’m treating aspartame like a drug because anything with addictive qualities is like a drug.

I noticed a while back that diet drinks give me a headache.

I told my husband a month ago that I have to stop drinking them now that I no longer crave the sugary sodas. Yet, somehow, they recently found their way into my kitchen cabinet when my husband went to the store.

I might have asked for them, or, maybe it was the diet drink devil that was sitting on my shoulder at the time. 😱 Either way, bad habits can sneak up on you.

The best way to deal with a bad habit is to nip it in the bud. Make a firm decision to stop, and then STOP.

I’m weaning myself off the hard nasty stuff. It has now been over 18 hours since I had a diet drink, according to my Quitzilla app.

I’ve found that an app can help with certain mental roadblocks when it comes to what you eat or drink. Sometimes you don’t realize how often you have something until you see it in the app.


Aspartame has been linked to neurological disorders and has many negative side effects. I have rarely ever drunk diet sodas before now, for this reason.

To show you how addictive they are, I never liked the taste of them before now either. Now I sometimes can’t tell the difference between diet and regular. This is done intentionally by diet drink manufacturers. They make it very sweet so your brain senses it as sugary.

One day after stopping by McDonald’s drive-thru for a diet coke, I stopped and poured it out on the ground because it tasted like regular. Only to realize, that my next diet drink tasted the same. They have such a sweetness to them; the brain’s sweet receptors mistake it for sugar.

According to The New York Times and many other articles, when digested, aspartame is equivalent to formaldehyde (embalming fluid).

If you don’t believe me, call Coca-Cola and ask them. I called them years ago and their answer confirmed it.

Diet drinks can cause a number of health issues such as weight gain, decreasing bone density, headaches, and many other negative side effects. .

I feel VERY STRONGLY that we should only eat or drink organic food. We shouldn’t eat or drink chemicals. If we do, it should only be done on a temporary basis; which is what I was trying to do with these diet drinks.

For me, eating sometimes feels like a catch 22.

Soda is the harshest thing I’ve been addicted to in a number of years. I mean, I didn’t smoke, do drugs, or drink. The main bad habit I had was drinking soda.

The sad truth is, it can make you just as unhealthy as alcohol can.

Small issues grow into bad habits. Bad habits grow into addictions. I was addicted to sugary sodas since I was a teen, so getting off of them hasn’t been easy.

I don’t like the taste of water with my food. The mature thing to do would be to get over it and drink it anyway. However, I feel very overwhelmed right now as I’ve also recently had to restrict many other things.

Due to past health issues, I have a very limited diet. I have to limit my salt, fat, carb, protein, caffeine, and cholesterol intake; which means, I literally have to keep up with everything I eat. I feel so restricted that I sometimes just stop eating for a while.

My doctor put it this way, “Your body reacts to food as though you’re allergic.”

I’m alive and that’s what counts.  You have to look at the bright side of things and stay positive.

Well, there you have it. The teacher who preaches stopping bad habits has created one of her own. But hey, I’m human and life isn’t always easy.

I plan to fix this. I don’t allow bad habits to control me as I am an overcomer. Follow me for updates on my recovery. 😛

UPDATE 1/12/2022- Two months later, my body is completely free of the desire for sodas. I no longer have cravings and I now feel that the bad habit is gone. I have replaced my soda habit with drinks sweetened with monk fruit. I’m on my way to good health!

Look for my newest book The Keto Diet ON STEROIDS.
Coming soon!

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