A Positive Mindset

It is so hard to remain positive in a negative world, especially when you receive bad news about your health or about someone you love.

Recently, I found out that someone I grew up with has cancer and several other things going on with her health. Having been in her shoes, I know what it is like to get such bad news.

In 2018, I was staring down the barrel of cancer myself, and hearing her bad news caused my heart to drop. I know what this feels like, but I want you to know that bad news isn’t the end of something, even though it feels like your world is falling apart. Instead, it is the beginning of a testimony!

The world we are surrounded by is never-ending negative fuel for the soul. During a time when you receive bad news, that is when it is MOST important to guard your heart against negativity.  

Negativity causes stress to your body, and stress causes sickness because it knocks your immune system down. The only way to stop this snowball effect is to keep yourself away from negativity as much as possible and not allowing it to consume your mind.


When bad news just keeps coming at you, it is hard to remain in a good frame of mind. Trust me, I know, I have been there. When cancer comes at you, all you can think of are negative thoughts.

I want to remind you that bad news is an attack. Health issues are an attack. Financial and emotional issues are an attack. The goal of the enemy is to get you to focus on these issues rather than focusing on things that will help you.

It isn’t God’s will and He didn’t bring it upon you to teach you a lesson or anything like that. Bad things do not come from God. He is only Good.

It isn’t what you deserve (even if it is a result of your own negative actions). Jesus paid the price for what you deserve. God’s grace and mercy are bigger than your failures and only He can see you through the hardest of times.

It sounds counterproductive, but God has taught me how to overcome negativity by helping me to walk through some negative situations. He didn’t immediately deliver me from them even though I was praying for deliverance. Instead, He used those situations to make me stronger in my faith.

The saying is true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


I feel like an expert at being an overcomer now. Unfortunately, none of us know it all and just when we think we have negativity beat, it sneaks up again.

I understand that God’s will is for us to be happy, healthy, and whole. During a time when we are not all of those things, God sometimes chooses to use the situation to build our faith and teach us to lean on Him.

God sometimes waits, but His timing is perfect for deliverance.

Faith is the ultimate outcome and you’ll find that you are better off in the end with the wisdom that you have gained by going through a hard time.

I am saying this because some of you keep asking God why He has forsaken you. My love, you are not forsaken. You are loved beyond all that you can even imagine. God is there with you and will never leave you alone.


There were many times I chose to not rescue my boys from receiving consequences for their actions. I knew they needed to learn their own lessons from the mistakes they make.

We are not forsaken when God waits to answer our prayers.

I have overcome abuse, divorce, about a dozen surgeries (several of which were almost fatal), and so much that it is too much to list.

I can honestly say during all of those situations, it was the negativity that got me down the most. Had I known how to overcome that, I would have been a better and stronger person.

Whatever you are going through, it is just a test and trial. Tests and trials come to us all. It is how you deal with those trials that proves what you’re made of.

Now, when I experience bad news, I remind myself that allowing negativity into my heart will only make things worse. Allowing yourself to ponder the worst possible outcome is mentally defeating. Don’t do that.

In order to be mentally strong during a hard time, you have to keep yourself in positive state of mind by surrounding yourself with positive things and positive people. Don’t hang out with negative people. Turn the news off. Keep the radio tuned to positive music. Read only positive and uplifting books.

Trust me, it does make a difference.

It is the small things we allow into our environment that control our minds. It is the small foxes that spoil the vine. Foxes don’t just eat the fruit. They chew at the trunk and dig holes around it. They devour the root and destroy the entire thing.

Pay attention to what you allow yourself to be surrounded by. Changing these things can mean the difference between overcoming your bad circumstances, or falling victim to them.

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