Friends With a Drama Queen?

Friends With a Drama Queen?

If you’re female, like myself, you’ve also had a lot of female friends; which means you are familiar with drama. A room full of estrogen can lead to a melodramatic situation in seconds.

I’ve always tried to avoid being with a group of females for prolonged periods or for deep discussions. Many times it ends up with hurt feelings and broken relationships, usually triggered by one person who is known for being a drama queen.

Although I love hanging out with the girls for some down time, I usually pick and choose who I do this with.

I would normally hang out with guy friends instead. They’re not so dramatic and they do fun stuff that avoids the serious moments.

What’s hard, is when your friend doesn’t realize she is the problem.

Oh, I can see it now, all of my female friends are thinking, “Is she talking about me?!”

See what I mean. Drama can creep up in seconds.

Seriously though, a drama queen can be spotted a mile away.

Everyone knows she has personality issues, but no one wants to confront her about it because, yet again, there will be drama.

We all know that honesty to a dramatic person, creates hurt feelings; so we avoid the whole thing.

I would like for you to stop and consider who is usually in the running for drama at your office, church, home or school.

If in each scenario you can think of at least one person who fits the description of a drama queen… then Houston, we may have a problem.


A- All women are drama queens. (I highly doubt that we all are.)


B-You are the problem.

If you feel surrounded by drama or by dramatic people, consider for a moment that the person who causes drama might, in fact, be you.

I seriously just heard you gasp!

Calm down, take your crown off for a moment, and think about this.

If you are surrounded by drama, there’s a good possible chance you might be creating drama without even realizing it.

Not saying it’s intentional, but drama queens usually don’t realize they are the problem. They think everyone else is the problem; which causes them to gossip, backbite, try to get pity from outside parties, whine, complain, cry, and try to get attention for the issues they feel are coming from other people.

You need to ask yourself a few questions:

Are you easily offended? Do you get upset at the slightest negative response from others? Do you feel angry a lot? Do you have hurt feelings a lot? Do you find yourself blaming others for what you feel? Do you find yourself having at least one enemy everywhere you go? Do you find yourself blaming at least one other person for you having a hard time?  

“The problem is Nancy at work.”

Or, “It’s Susan at church.”

Maybe it’s Uncle Bill or Aunt Deb. Maybe, it’s your sister. Or, your mother.

No! Stop the excuses and realize the person that needs the most work isn’t Nancy, Susan, or your family.

If drama follows you, the problem isn’t everyone else. The problem is you.

It’s you.

You are the person you need to work on. You can’t change other people. You can only change you.

If you are surrounded by drama, there’s a good chance you need to work on your own personality issues.

Sorry for being so bold but many of us need an awakening. We need someone who cares enough to be honest with us.

I recently found myself in a situation where I was the drama queen.

I know all of my friends are shocked right now (ha-ha), but here I was running my mouth about someone else being the problem, when suddenly, it dawned on me and hit me like a ton of bricks, that I was being the problem.

I had to step back, and back off. Sometimes sitting down and shutting our mouths will avoid a world of hurt and drama.

I believe we have to be humbled before we can be changed.

The drama queen reaction is just simply pride.

It’s hard for an extravert to be quiet sometimes, but we must learn to control our tongues.

I realize we all have hormone issues that play a factor in this, but it isn’t an excuse to constantly blame your life’s failures on others. If you have relationship issues, maybe it is because you have personality issues that you need to work on.

I would begin with trying to overcome the tendency to be offended.

I’ve noticed women are the first to be offended in most given situations. High estrogen causes us to take everything personal but we don’t have to be that way.

We just need to change the way we think.

Remember that everything is not necessarily about you. Everyone is not necessarily thinking about you when they react to you. Many times, someone else is just simply having a bad day, or they’re tired. Maybe they have things going on that you don’t know about.

First and foremost, take into consideration that maybe you have an annoying personality. I know that pride rises up and we don’t want to see our own negative characteristics, but maybe there is something you don’t realize about yourself.

I’ve had this hit me like a ton of bricks also when I realized that another person just simply did NOT like me.

You know what I’ve realized since then? It’s okay to not be liked.

Not everyone is going to accept you for who you are, and that’s okay. You do not have to win everyone’s approval.

Women want to figure out what everyone’s problem is, but the truth is, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you work on YOU.

What matters is that you figure out what your personality flaws are and work on those. That’s all anyone can ask of you. If God approves of you, why does it matter if someone else doesn’t? What matters is that you are working toward fixing your personality flaws. And, YES, we all have them.

P.S. let the drama queen be someone else. Love and forgive others, and all else will work itself out.

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