Trust the Transition

Trust the Transition

Change is hard.

It’s hard to walk away from old routines.

I had trouble wrapping my mind around the changes I needed to make in order to transition to a desk job. I studied accounting for six months, but found it boring. I like being active and going from one place to another throughout the day.

My mind wants to stick with what I know. I’ve been sticking to what I know for years, but COVID has changed the way I’ve always done things. I am now a full-time house flipper, which was my dream for many years.

Aside from a few jobs where I worked for someone else, I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my adult life.

I had spent the past two years trying to figure out something else I would enjoy doing as a career.

In March of 2018, I realized I needed to make some changes due to some health issues—my world was spinning, and I needed a change of pace.

My husband supported me while I tried new things to see what I would like. I tried various jobs that I’ve always dreamed of doing. I probably tried a dozen different jobs, mostly related to the design and real estate industries.

However, none of those things worked out to be substantial sources of income. During this time of transition, I’ve come to realize that there are some things that are only in our lives for a season.

Circumstances change as we grow older, but change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Kids grow up, family members move away, other people move on with their lives— things change.

We must adapt to those changes whether we like it or not, but that adaptation can be part of what keeps us going and growing.

Things can’t always be as they were. You have to allow changes to take place. It’s part of life. It’s part of growth.

The truth is, my mind doesn’t want to move forward. It wants to stay in what worked in the past. It wants my children to remain at home, my body to continue to burn carbs the way it once did, and my past career path to remain the same.

When you have a major decision to make, remember that only God knows the outcome. Allowing Him to lead and guide your steps is the best way to continue on the right path.

You can remain stuck in a rut, trying to force things to work, or go with the flow and allow God to mold you and shape you into something better and stronger than you were before.


Being molded means you are going to get bent out of shape, at first.

Think about a ball of clay. In order to transform it into the shape you desire, you must first wet and knead it.

If a ball of clay had feelings, it would be uncomfortable with the change; and it would feel the pain. However, once the clay is molded and transformed, what is left is a beautiful, finished piece of pottery.

During a time of transformation, change is hard.

If what has worked in the past doesn’t work anymore. It may be time to be molded into something different, something better, something more beautiful and successful. And, who knows, what worked in the past might still be a possibility down the road.

Season’s Change

You can’t have in the fall season, what you had in the summer season. The warm weather begins to fade away. The days get shorter and you know you’re in transition to wintertime.

If you’re like me, you dread it. Winter means staying indoors, and I don’t like being confined. The fall is a season of adaptation. The weather allows us time to adjust before turning completely cold.

Then the winter months set in. The trees become bare and the grass turns brown. Suddenly we go from wearing a light jacket to wearing a heavy coat.

We find indoor activities to keep ourselves busy, and adaptation turns into acceptance.

Seasons of life are very similar. You have to be willing to adapt in order for God to do something new in your life. Adaptation to life’s circumstances brings progress. Doing the same old thing, the same old way, will hinder your success.


It’s easy to keep doing what you’ve always done. But change doesn’t happen in the comfortable or the easy. It happens in allowing your heart to lead you and making bold choices to step out of your comfort zone.

Your emotional side (your mind, will, and emotions) will keep those children at home. Your heart, on the other hand, knows they need to grow up. Your emotional side will hold on to that house that is now too large. Your heart knows that selling it and paying off debts would be best.

Your head and your heart are in constant conflict because you want to do what is easy, but our ways are not God’s ways. He leads us on a different path than what our minds can comprehend.

His path isn’t always comfortable or easy, and it doesn’t always make sense.

His path could very well be the hardest choice you’ve ever had to make, but His path is the one that leads to a good life and peace.

Choose the narrow HARD path, the one with the most resistance, and it will bring you to your destiny.

Grow with me, my friends. Give me a shout out to let me know where you’re at in life. Has anything motivated you to do something different lately?

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