Daily Encouragement

Life’s Struggles

I’ve struggled with my eating habits all of my life.

Long story short, when I was a kid I was constantly given something sweet to satisfy my hunger. Mother refused to cook most of the time and I remember trying to learn to cook as an attempt to get something besides peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, for my brother and I.

She expected us to eat quick stuff like cereal & grab things out of the fridge like a piece of ham or cheese, when we didn’t want to make a sandwich. She normally wouldn’t cook anything but beans and cornbread.

By ten years old, I couldn’t stomach another bean. Realizing this, my dad started taking us to the bread store every two weeks. He would stock up on donuts, Zingers, and snack goods as well as bread and buns.

It was sort of a “reward” for my learning how to cook, and a form of “quick” items to eat. It’s the only “reward” I remember getting from my parents and I began to associate sweets with positive feelings.

When Halloween would roll around, I would get sweets for treats again. The candy would last for months, and so did that positive feeling.

At Christmas time, my mother would fill my stocking with fruit and candy. The church would also give me a stocking full of fruit and candy.

I began associating sweets as treats and those positive feelings turned into daily habits.

As an adult, I realized the need for good nutrition as pertaining to my health, so I made some dietary changes.

Those who know me, know that I like Dr. Pepper & chocolate. Those were my only weaknesses, really. Otherwise, my meals were fairly healthy unless we were eating out.

After I lost 48 pounds on the Keto diet in 2018, I remained on a low-carb diet until last year.

After my son moved out, my stress levels rose to greater heights as his transition wasn’t an easy one. He wasn’t mature and acted out as a result, so I was constantly having to deal with negative behavior. When my step dad died, life spiraled out of control for a while.

At that point, I got off the diet for a short while because it just added more stress having to keep track of everything I eat. And when I did, the carb cravings increased.

I’ve been reading a book that says many times what we crave the most is the very thing we need to avoid. It said what our body craves is sometimes what we are allergic to (or have an intolerance for).

The bad bacteria in our gut craves more of the stuff that feeds it. So when you have an unnatural “craving” for some sort of food or drink, it’s probably because it feeds that bad bacteria in your gut.

The bad bacteria multiply and eventually cause pain, inflammation, & disease. Then it can never get enough of what it craves, your body responds negatively as a result. Your favorite food could very well be slowly killing you!

Think about that for a moment. Is something you are doing and enjoying slowly “killing” you?

Dainty foods look delicious. They may even call your name on a daily basis but don’t fall for it. They’re a trap.

After losing 48 pounds in 2018, I realized I was losing curves. I changed my eating plan to low-carb and got off of keto. BIG MISTAKE. The cravings came back and so did several health issues.

I developed hypoglycemia so bad I wasn’t able to live without small amounts of sugar without feeling like I was going to pass out. Because of this, I started drinking Dr. Pepper again and eating chocolate (since those are the only carbs that seem “worth it” to me.

Because of having to eat the sugar, I also developed pre-diabetes and gained weight again.

Now I’m changing my habits once again. I plan to create a healthy eating pattern and not allow the worries of life to get me down this time. I will continue to use my carb app, and keep up with my daily intake.

I started back on a low-carb diet in April of this year. I then transitioned to the keto diet on July 9th. It took some time for me to change my eating patterns again but I intentionally did it slowly to allow my mind and body time to adjust.

Almost exactly two months later, I’ve lost ten pounds and 4 inches from my waist. I have more energy, less inflammation, and less pain.

For those of you who are thinking about trying the keto diet, I will soon be adding a quick-start guide that will help you. Keep up with my posts for future updates.

I encourage you to work on your weaknesses. We all have them. Find the right track and STAY on it. Don’t turn back over vain or petty issues. Don’t let the worries of life get you down.

Create a life of discipline and stick to that discipline. YOU CAN DO IT!

Whatever good thing you are doing, DON’T TURN BACK. PRESS FORWARD. KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT! Life is good. Be encouraged.

Please check back for updates. ❤️

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