Attacked with Offense

Attacked with Offense

Have you ever been scrolling through social media and come across someone who is currently on vacation? You know them personally enough to know they just lost a loved one, and they are in debt up to their eye balls. Yet, here they are smiling, spending money, and having a great time.

I mean, who do they think are, leaving at a time like this?

It is at that point you have a choice to make. You can A.- Choose to think the best of them and realize they probably NEED that vacation. Or, B.- Take a judgmental thought.

The bad thing is, most people choose option “B.” They judge people based on pictures, posts, or what other people say. The problem with that is pictures, posts, and what other people say about a situation or person doesn’t reveal the truth.

Only THAT PERSON knows their own truth. The simple fact of the matter is, not even the people who live with that person can reveal their truth because they don’t see every aspect of that person’s life.

They don’t go to school or work with them. They don’t see what happens at the grocery store or out in public every day. They don’t know what happens or what is said behind closed doors. They may know what they get to see during the few short hours they spend with them each night, but they don’t live their life, so they don’t know the whole truth.

There is evil in this world that we are unaware of. We walk around in our own little world and don’t pay attention to the fact that all of these thoughts we take, creates offense, which opens the door to negativity.

Negativity is like mold. It creeps up onto the walls of our hearts and spreads from there. We know we feel negative feelings, but we don’t know why.

Offense comes from judgment, and judgment comes from a thought. We take on thoughts every day that determine our future. Those thoughts determine whether or not we remain positive or negative. Those thoughts are what begin our day and determine whether or not we have a good day or a bad one.

I would dare to bet that nine times out of ten, when we have a bad day, it began with a judgmental thought.

The spirit of offense is real. You have an enemy who tries to get in your head. That enemy comes in many forms. Sometimes it is in the form of other people’s voices, television, radio, billboard ads, social media, and many other avenues.

There are many things that can get us into a negative mindset. A negative mindset is where your victory dies!

So, if you want to win in life, you have got to figure out how to remain positive. I cannot express this enough. Success in life comes from remaining positive. Let me say that again…


The first thing you need to know about thoughts is that you can resist them.

You can also catch them.

Kind of like when you rub your hands through germs, and then touch your face; thereby catching a cold. You can catch a thought the same way. You watch social media and you catch thoughts. You read, and catch thoughts. You watch television, and you catch thoughts.

Like I said, those thoughts come from many avenues, but the choice to keep those thoughts is up to you.

You can choose to release them and not have them. You can choose to keep them and allow them to bring you down. The choice is yours. Negativity does NOT have to be a part of your life. It is a choice. Just like happiness, forgiveness, and love are all choices. Judgmental thoughts are choices as well.   

My goal is to help you choose, from now on, what your thoughts are. Start paying attention to your thoughts and ask yourself, is that positive or negative?

You see, negative thoughts create negative paths. My goal is to help you get off the beaten path.

Ask yourself, is that me taking a negative thought? When you hear something on the inside rise up about another person, immediately switch that thought to be the most positive and loving thought you can possibly imagine.

It may sound silly, but this WORKS, I promise you it does. It helps you to remain positive, loving, and forgiving toward others. And THAT choice helps you to win at life.

When you choose to love others rather than condemning them, you win.

Our Spirits are Under Attack

The thought comes- ‘You’re not smart enough.” “You’re not talented enough.” “You’re not pretty enough.” “You’re NOT enough.”

Or thoughts come at us like, “You can’t do this.” “Other people will judge you for this.” “You have no right to make this choice.”

Those self-defeating thoughts do not come from our own hearts. They come from our enemy. Our enemy isn’t just that red-horned devil with a pointy tail. No, our enemy is much bigger than that.

Our enemy uses other resources such as our loved ones, our televisions, and our jobs to get us into a negative mindset. Our enemy does this to defeat us.

We need to understand who our enemy is, so that we can learn how to respond. It’s the reason I am writing the book called, The Devil Within. We need to realize where our greatest defeat comes from.

This brings success in life. Remove your enemy, and you remove the temptation to yield to the negativity he brings.

How do you remove your enemy? You resist him. Plain and simple.

You stop yielding to each and every thought, and you learn to recognize negativity for what it is. It’s a set-up! Stop allowing yourself to be set-up.

Realize when you see something good happening to another person on social media that you should be happy for that person, instead of being judgmental toward them.

Realize that you don’t have to put your own junk on social media, as this leaves an open door for the enemy to judge you.

Realize that when your boss yells at you, they are probably just having a bad day themselves.

Realize that certain people may NOT have meant to say it the way that it came out.

Realize that maybe that post WASN’T about you.

Realize that other people ARE going to make mistakes, say the wrong thing, get upset, look at you wrong, and not be perfect.

Realize that we, ourselves, are not perfect.

Then and ONLY then can we stop looking at others through judgmental lenses.

We get in trouble when we compare ourselves to others. Don’t do that. Understand that they may have more going on than you realize.

Someone may have given them the money to use for that vacation. Maybe you are judging them wrong. Maybe there are things you don’t know about. God expects us to be loving in our thoughts, and to learn to not accept judgmental thoughts as our first reaction to others.

So, today as you begin your day, think about this: Love is a seed. If you choose to give love, you will get love.

Your day begins with a thought. Let it be a good thought. People make fun of me because I’m all about being positive. But what God requires above ALL other things, is positivity. Why would I not be like that?

There isn’t some magical formula that is going to bring success into your life, but there is love. And love never fails. Which tells me love is the answer to everything. It isn’t a magical formula. It only works when you choose to live a life that creates it.

The only way for human nature to not take over and keep us negative, is for us to learn to sow love into the ground of our future. Love is the only answer to your problems.

You may have to leave behind a few people along the way, in order to live a more positive life. But that choice isn’t unloving, it is actually wisdom.

Leaving behind the past is always necessary in order to press forward.

You may have to leave negative people behind, but by leaving them behind, you open the door for more positive people to be in your life. You open the door to more successful habits. You open the door to bigger and better things.

I’ve come to realize that I don’t need dozens of friends to be happy. I need a few successful positive people in my life. I sow positivity to create a positive lifestyle, and I want to be around people who do the same.

Love is the most positive thing in this world and what we should sow first. If you learn to sow that, your world will become positive as well.  

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