I know your struggle. The struggle to stay sober, to not take another hit, to keep that job, or even just to wake up each morning. I know that struggle well, not because I was an addict, but because I’ve had other addictions that led me down just as negative of a path.

The struggle is the same for us all, whether it be with drugs, alcohol, or even more minor things such as the temptation to eat the wrong kind of food. A drug addicts struggle is the same as someone who has Bulimia.

The craving to purge is the same sensation you get when you need to pee, eventually you feel like you HAVE to do it.

Addiction and bad habits are no respect of person. In other words it can take anyone, anywhere, anytime- if we let it. My next E-book called “The Devil Within” will be available soon.

Addictions and negative habits are our enemy and they try to creep up on us all. They come through any avenue; whether it be through negative thoughts, or something as simple and necessary as eating.

I never gave drugs a chance to have me because I watched other family members struggle with it enough to know it’s bad news. I have, however, struggled with other addictions and I will be revealing those struggles in my new E-book. In this book, I reveal a lot of my own past weaknesses and mistakes.

The book is being written to teach you what I know about being an over-comer. It’s also why I write; to help you over-come negative things that try to hold you back in life. I started this blog to help victims of abuse, but quickly realized there is an even greater need that literally affects us all- breaking free from bad habits.

If we will be honest with ourselves, we will realize that we all struggle with our own personal demons (things that hold us back in life), and we need to be reminded that we are not alone in this struggle.

No matter how educated a person may be, how long a person has had faith in God, or how well spoken and behaved a person appears to be on the outside; I guarantee you there is something inside that person that they are struggling with.

None of us have it altogether, and just about the time we think we do, that’s when that addiction, bad habit, or weakness kicks in, and reminds us that we are not what we think we are. That, in turn, leaves us with a negative mindset.

The truth is, that weakness is there to keep your mind hindered and distracted.

The bad habit could be something as simple as the temptation to lie, cheat, steal, look at porn when your spouse is not around, or even as minor as having a bad habit of exaggerating the truth.

All of these negative habits make you weak in at least one area of your life. My goal is to wake you up to your true calling of living a life of peace and prosperity, help you work toward strengthening your weakest points, and build up your mind so that it thinks positive and is renewed to a new way of thinking.

Look for my new E-book “The Devil Within”- Coming Soon!

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