Offended Nation

Offended Nation

As a writer, I am always faced with the writer’s dilemma. Should I spiff this up a bit and add a bunch of fluff, beat around the bush, or just be totally honest and get straight to the point?

I tend to want to be SO honest that I constantly edit my articles and books. Which, of course, sometimes causes me to say too much.

Being totally honest isn’t always a good thing because some people are so easily offended. I tend to write with my strongest personality trait out front, like an open book, so I doubt that sits well with the easily offended.

I tend to say what I think and not worry about the rest, but for a writer this can be detrimental.

In my opinion, no fluff, no muss is the best avenue when you need to wake people up, but not everyone can take 100% honesty, and may even respond with disdain and negativity.

Like for instance, I am writing a book about the Civil War which is a touchy subject to begin with. If I leave the fluff out, what you have is just downright offensive historical facts.

We live in a generation where everyone seems to be offended by something. Writing an entire book about an offensive subject just seems to go against everything I know to be acceptable in today’s society.

Especially since I tend to be about as blunt as a sharpened ax in the hands of a mass murderer. Yet, I still feel driven to write the Civil War book. So, my best course of action is to keep it real but also add the fluff.

And, honestly, in the end my readers are either going to hate me or love me, but their opinion isn’t going to change who I am.

If you are telling the truth, like historical facts, for example, and people choose to be offended, it wasn’t you who offended them but rather the truth.

Let’s deal with offense for a moment. According to Webster’s, there are many ways you can use the word offense. It can be used as meaning a violation or trespass, an insult or displeasure, or anger and hard feelings.

I think anger and hard or wounded feelings is a great definition for what so many people experience now days.

The longer definition of offense is hard or wounded feelings, annoyance, displeasure, to literally throw a fit (starting to sound familiar?), to get worked up in a tizzy. Yep, I believe we have just described this entire generation.

On average, my generation raised their kids to be SPOILED ROTTEN and now those kids are becoming adults thinking that everything should go their way, so much so that they throw literal fits when it doesn’t.

Try taking their cell phone away and you will quickly see what I mean.

My political views aside, what happened after Trumps election was a good example of what I am talking about. Young adults having to get mental health therapy because a female was not elected?

I mean, come on. A female has never been elected before but I didn’t lay down in the street and protest and tell my employer that I couldn’t make it into work the next day.

Excuse me for being the blunt ax head but I was blown away at the whiny little cry baby response America had over a man becoming President in 2016.

Come on, guys, men have always been President.

I mean honestly, who becomes President is of great importance, don’t get me wrong, but to lay down in the middle of the street in protest?

Really? That is just proof that our society has become tainted with selfish, bratty overindulgence.

Instead of un-following me right now, let’s find out what you’re made of.

Let’s talk about YOU for a moment.

Are you made of pudding or steel?

Honey, I don’t know about you but I’m from a made of steel generation.

I come from a generation that sucks it up, goes without for the sake of our children, works two jobs to make ends meet if need be and strives for a better life by giving to others, praying for others, and sharing what we have so that others can be comfortable as well.

I come from a generation where we didn’t complain when we had chores to do. As a matter of fact, my parent’s house wouldn’t have been clean if I hadn’t cleaned it. I did the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. I started doing all of that when I was ten years old simply because it needed to be done.

And you know what? I didn’t complain about it either.

So, excuse me for not feeling sorry for those who don’t get everything they want. What we have taught our kids is wrong. Having a bad day is NOT an excuse to not go to work or school.

As a child I was used, abused, and neglected. As an adult I still worked, raised my children, and lived my life despite the negative affects my childhood abuse had on me. Why? Because my generation was made of steel; it’s what we did.

I learned to suck it up, come what may and make it through the day and I did it without therapy. I went to work without therapy and I raised my kids without it as well. I’m not saying therapy is bad, but it is NOT an excuse to quit on life.

In case no one has ever told you, let me tell you now, life isn’t always going to be easy or go your way. Being made of steel means that you have persistence. Persistence and steadfastness are a long-lost art but is still available to you if you need it.

If you were raised as pudding, and I am not saying it is your fault if you were; but if you were, you can change that. It is your fault if you remain that way.

It isn’t too late to toughen up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you. If this article isn’t offending you, then hopefully it is waking you up a bit.

Pudding is truly a sad condition to be in. I hope that a strong dose of reality gives you an awareness that you need to change something in your life, as it did me several times in mine. What strengthened me to be hard like steel? The realization that my life wasn’t going to change until “I” did something to change it.

It may not even be your fault that you’re pudding. It might be due to what your parents did or failed to do. In any case, in order to fix it, I suggest first developing a Godly awareness.

It works to better a person, to make one strong. It’s what America has forgotten and why it has been weakened. It’s why our schools are being shot up and divorce is more common now than ever before.

We have pulled away from doing what is right and leaned toward doing what feels good. Let me tell you what I tell my kids: doing what feels good can K-I-L-L you!

You may have a moment of satisfaction but a moment of satisfaction can bring you a lifetime of pain. So, let’s get really honest right now and see what you are made of, shall we?

Let’s say a female was elected, which will probably happen one day, so you might as well get ready for it now.

Madam President would be the first female President of the United States of America. A great historical moment and a victory for women of all kind. It would be the pivotal point for chauvinist all across the land. Chalk it up to one point for our side!

YES, the self-determining independent side of me would LOVE that.

Women have been disrespected long enough. I would love to know that women are now respected enough to be elected.

That election would lead to the females of America now running the show because I guarantee you every female who ever wanted to run for anything would come out of the woodwork. And I personally would be right there rooting them on.

Female activists all across America would celebrate with shouts of joy and partying in the streets. Women would come out all across the land in victory that our side has won, and I would be right beside them cheering her on!


…she has her period.

I know, it’s cliche, but hear me out.

The downside?

Women are created differently than men on average. Women are guided more by emotion than logical discernment. Trust me, I know many women and I’ve rarely ever met an exception to this rule.

Unless a woman made of steel is elected (please let us find her, PLEASE!), it could very well mean the ruin of this nation. There goes my ax head bluntness getting in the way again, but I am just being real here.

CAN we be real for a moment?  

Hilary Clinton proved that what I am saying is true by the way she reacted to losing the election. Judge it as you will, but her reaction was emotional at best.

Just so you know, I didn’t like either candidate so this isn’t the least bit about my political views.

I am a supporter of women’s rights and a non-supporter of egotistical men running the show. But I must tell you, an election that puts PUDDING (whether male or female and yes, you ARE one or the other) into office would become an onslaught of emotional ruin for this nation.

If our leaders are PUDDING, then that means our nation will end up being pudding as well. America was built by men and women of steel who lived and died for us. Have we forgotten who we are and where we came from?

Our forefathers gave up way too much for us to throw it all away. We shouldn’t allow America’s backbone to change just because parents are now raising spoiled children.

Our political and social views are now so sensitive, and so very personal that we want equal rights for literally everyone. While it is great and admirable to some degree to want everyone to be free to do whatever they want, it isn’t logical nor is it morally correct.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield recently called a meeting to try and figure out how to change their health policies to stop viewing men and women as “genders.”

How stupid has our society become when we don’t realize that women need pap smears, and men need testicular exams? To remove your gender is to remove appropriate health care.

As a man, if you can “identify” with being a girl, then why can I not identify with being 29?

The truth is I am not 29, I am 44. I can show you pictures of when I was 29 to prove that I cannot choose to be 29 again. I don’t have the same body, nor can I stop the aging process (Lord knows I would love to figure that one out).

No matter how much I want to change that I will continue to get older as long as I live.

Do I want to get older? YES!!!

Do I like getting older? Nope. But it’s my reality and telling people I am 29 when I am clearly 44 would just be stupid and make me a liar.

It is utterly ridiculous that people think they should be able to change literally anything and everything they don’t like and the reason it is happening is because parents have told their children they are special, they can do no wrong, and it’s okay to do what feels good.

Parents no longer- parent.

Parents are the reason our nation is falling apart. It isn’t the President’s fault, the schools, or our policies or political views. It is the way we have become relaxed in our values, morals, and beliefs.

People are no longer taught right from wrong or about Heaven or Hell. We are taught that grace covers everything we do and that isn’t correct. If you are one of those people please understand me now, you can’t do WHATEVER you want and expect to be blessed in this life.

What does your heart say?

I see a huge problem with calloused hearts nowadays so I just want to wake you up for a moment. Stop listening to your parents religion, to society, and to whatever patterns you have created for yourself.

STOP for a moment and take the following advice:

Ask yourself, “Are the choices I am making going to bless me or cause me pain?” If your lifestyle can’t bless you with children, with health, with prosperity, with peace, or with the end result being that you have found God, then your life has taken a wrong turn somewhere.

You need to back up for a moment and take a good long look at the decisions you’ve made thus far. I’ve had to do it. Everyone I know has been there at one point or another. We all make wrong turns.

There is no shame in realizing you’ve messed up. The shame comes in refusing to admit it and make ammends.

You see, I am all for equality but not when it tells people that their lifestyle is good when their lifestyle, in reality, can hurt them. We have become people-pleasers to such a great degree that we have stopped talking about what can hurt us.

Essentially if something can hurt you, it is probably wrong for you to be living that way.

When it comes to getting this country’s strength back, it will only happen when we start telling people the truth. Stop voting for certain political sides and vote for who adheres to moral character. Sometimes you have to choose the lesser of two evils, I get that. But make your choice as close to a positive one as possible.

This nation isn’t going to be better off until we make decisions for our country based on something other than gender and political views. Voting in pudding isn’t going to cut it.

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