Bad Habits

Bad Habits

Listen up sugar lovers… The number one cause of inflammation and pain issues, are carbs and bad habits. Yes, I know, it’s very disappointing if you’re like me and NEED that occasional piece of cake to get you through the week.

The truth is, you don’t need that piece of cake, you want it.

In order to break free from things that make us unhealthy, we need to learn to recognize the difference between a desire and a need. They are like the difference between night and day. You can live without the moon, but life without the sun would be devastating.

The least sunny city that I am aware of is Norway. It spends about six months a year in the dark. The suicide rate there is also high at about 10 per 100,000 people. Coincidence? I think not.

At one point in my life, living without carbs would have felt like living without the sun. I thought I had to have them. Not that I was gluttonous with food.

As a matter of fact, I was an under-eater. I lived off of one or two meals a day for most of my life. I would sometimes get so busy I would forget to eat, and then low blood sugar symptoms would remind me.

Calories were not my issue.

Giving in to lustful desires can lead you down a very destructive pattern, even with food. I joke about it often but I have seriously struggled with my desire for carbs, mainly because I was raised on them without restriction.

My parents literally raised me on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cereal, and foods such as beans, potatoes, and starchy items like pasta. They didn’t teach me to eat well mainly because they didn’t know how to eat nutritiously themselves.

When mother gave us fried chicken and mashed potatoes on Sunday afternoon, which was just about the only time I got a decent meal, she thought she was feeding us right.

It wasn’t until I developed some health issues that I even considered the way that I eat. Suddenly the carbs became a realized issue.

Many doctors have all told me my number one problem with pain is due to inflammation. After being told this many times over, I finally began to question why I had so much inflammation?

Juvenile arthritis caused me to develop inflammation early on, so I am used to the pain issues after thirty plus years, but it doesn’t make it easier to live with just because I’ve had it for so long.

As I researched what foods cause inflammation, I began to notice a very distinct and similar commonality. They all contained sugar! As a sweet lover this was so disappointing to discover. Those brownies literally call my name at times, but realizing the need to change, I did.

I will be honest and tell you it hasn’t been an easy road and I’ve fallen off the wagon several times. The only way was I was able to completely get rid of the cravings for sweets was with the keto-diet.

Once I got completely off of sweets, I was cured. No more cravings.

The problem was, the restricted lifestyle is almost too hard to keep up with when you’ve lived your entire life eating carbs. I also have a family that likes to eat out, as most families do now.

Keto is so limited I decided to not stay on it permanently. I switched to low-carb instead. I can handle it much better because I don’t feel like I’m punishing myself when we eat out or go the movies.

What I find to be a problem now is carbs cause carb-cravings. It has caused a real sense of defeat to realize that when I have carbs, I want more carbs.

My answer to this dilemma? Suck it up. Be strong. Say NO! Just because our bodies want what they have been trained to want for years, doesn’t mean we have to give in to it.

I stopped cheating on my diet as often. I have developed a keto habit, instead of a sugar habit.

I’ve never had drug issues or a long-term drinking problem, but I did smoke for a short while.

I know, I know, it’s terrible and gross, but I was raised with smokers who did it around me all of my life, and honestly I was hooked before I ever even had my first one.

Can you get addicted to smoking through second-hand smoke? I’m living proof you can!

In my thinking smoking was gross and the thought of having one never even occurred to me until I had my first car wreck. Suddenly the stress kicked in and so did the desire for that first cigarette.

Yuk. The day I quit was the day that I swore to myself I would never treat my body like that again no matter what it wanted. Your body isn’t in control. You can change what your body wants by retraining yourself and getting a new mindset about what it needs.

You’re a spirit. You just simply use your body as a tool to function in this world. That tool, your body, will not function well if you mistreat it.

Our spirit is the central avenue for developing things like desires, abilities, and yes, even will power. When it comes to overcoming addictions, even food addictions, will power is key.

The first thing you must have in order to develop your will power is a made up mind. That’s what is all about; helping you to break free from a negative mindset, so that you can be free from things that hold you back in life.

In order to have a made up mind, you first need to relate whatever you are trying to get free from, to pain. Anything I have ever related to pain was easier to walk away from.

For instance, it was easier to get on the keto diet when I realized that carbs caused the majority of my pain and inflammation.

It was easier to get rid of the smoking habit once I realized it was hurting my body. I was twenty-two years old and couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs. At that point, my heart and mind both finally came into agreement that this bad habit HAD to go.

I once heard a story about a father who caught his son smoking out back by the barn. His son begged him to not tell his mother as he didn’t want her to be disappointed in him, and didn’t want his grandfather to know he had taken them from the nightstand.

His dad agreed to not even punish him as long as the boy was willing to smoke the entire carton of cigarettes, right then and there.

One after another the boy huffed and puffed until he was turning blue in the face. He was finally so sick, he threw up over and over, while hacking and coughing.

The dad waited until he calmed down and said, “Now, remember how this feels the next time you want another one.”

Relating bad habits to pain is the most effective way to get rid of the negative desire. If you have a drug habit, I wouldn’t advise trying to ingest so many drugs that they make you sick because they could cause death. Don’t be stupid.

But if you would choose to be the opposite of that and use wisdom, you can instead imagine what negative effects the drugs have on your body. You can also educate yourself concerning your addiction and what health issues they can cause.

I would suggest writing down all of the ways the drugs could potentially cause you harm. Look in the mirror and see what effect they have had on your body so far.

Drugs typically cause early signs of aging, tooth decay, brain malfunction, and many other issues so the effects should be apparent. Compare current and past pictures of yourself if you don’t see it otherwise.

The next time you want that thing that you know has a potential to hurt you, go back to your list and ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”

When I crave carbs now, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I remember how a gastric tumor felt, and I ask myself, “Is it worth it?”

Is it worth the pain, the inflammation, the early aging, the bone and tooth loss, the loneliness?

Is it worth losing your family over, your kids, your mother, your sister?

Is it worth having to be alone for the rest of your life because no one wants to be around your bad habit? Is it worth the depression and sadness? Is it worth the consequences?

Keep this in your head, and NEVER FORGET my words, “IS IT WORTH IT???”

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