Trying to Get Out of Debt?

Trying to Get Out of Debt?

Don’t go shopping.

No joke.

Don’t do it for entertainment, or to have something to do.

Go shopping only when necessary. Get what you need and get out.

Have you ever noticed when you go to the supermarket, you end up coming out of the store with several more items than you intended to buy?

Which means you also spent more money than you intended to spend. It’s called impulse buying and it’s an intentional setup. Don’t fall for it.

Most people go to the grocery store with a shopping list. The store knows ahead of time that your intention is to just get everything on that list.

Their well-thought-out marketing plan is to distract you from that list as much as possible with every gimmick, sale, or high-carb food choice possibly known to man-kind so that you will buy more than what is on your list.

Things that are on sale are highlighted with easily noticeable bright colors so that your eye is drawn to them, usually with yellow or red colors. The grocery stores sometimes place certain food items on a table with a red table cloth. The next time you see red, just ignore it. It will save you calories as well as money!

The first colors the eyes are drawn to are red, yellow, and orange. Avoid these colors when shopping.

Everyone wants a great deal and to save money, so the word “sale” is the first thing to catch your eye as well.

Many people end up coming out of the store feeling like they got some great deals, but what they fail to realize is that they spent more money than they intended to spend.

If you are spending more, you are not saving more.

Make sure you limit your online shopping as well. If you find yourself lingering beyond shopping for your necessities, quickly close out your cart and find something else to do. No matter how much you want it, or feel like you need it, keep your goals in mind.

If you have a lot of debt, it may take some sacrifice to get it paid.

D-O-N-‘T… B-U-Y… IT.

Stick a post-it note to your shopping list or to the handle of the shopping cart that says, “Get Out of Debt First.”

Make up your mind that you are going to get out of debt no matter how hard the sacrifice is to get there. If you do that, you will figure out ways to make it happen. If you have a made-up mind, you will find yourself giving up extra spending.

The last thing you see when exiting the store are candy bars, cokes, and snacks. The check-out aisle is an intentional CTA (call to action) marketing prompt designed to inspire you to buy things you wouldn’t normally buy. Ignore these aisles.

I believe the best way to save money is to learn how to not spend it. While trying to get out of debt, my husband and I did not go shopping for entertainment or just to have something to do.

We only picked up what was on our list and tried to avoid lingering, shopping around, or sale snooping.

We didn’t normally look at sales papers that came in the mail except during Christmas or to clip coupons, We didn’t shop online unless we had something in particular in mind that we needed.


If you are trying to get out of debt, one of the best things you can do is to learn what to AVOID.

Back when I was working steadily, one of my family’s biggest challenges for saving money was that we were constantly eating out.

Who wants to cook when you’re working all the time? It’s so much easier to eat out when everyone is on the run.

I finally got serious about saving money and eating healthily. I made to cook at home. It was a life changer when I calculated the money we were saving each month.

Sacrifices may not be comfortable or easy, but you may find that you are healthier, happier, and a lot better off financially. Wouldn’t that be worth the sacrifice of saving your money instead of spending it?

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