Pain Management Advice

Pain Management Advice

The following advice is for people that need to BREAK FREE DAILY from pain! Pain can cause major depression. Getting free from it is extremely important. This list was compiled from my own efforts at being pain free during my most stressful and trying times. As always seek a medical professional before taking advice.

  • Do not overextend yourself –Learn to say no when you know something is unreasonable for your schedule or situation; especially if you are like I was where you have good days and bad ones; that’s something you shouldn’t feel guilty about.
  • Use healthy supplements such as collagen protein powder (great for joint pain), 100% cocoa powder, healthy fats such as coconut oil, flaxseed, and sunflower seeds.
  • Lie down and rest -I was the kind of person who felt guilty when I needed to lie down and rest. Since then I have learned that my body knows it’s limits. If I am doing everything else I know I am supposed to do to keep it healthy and it still needs rest, rest is what I give it. Whether it is eight in the morning or three in the afternoon, if I am in a position to rest for a few moments I will do it.
  • Take time to yourself – All of us need some alone time, time to do things we like or time to think. Our kids and families will still be there when we get back and everything will not fall apart if we take time out. Being at peace is very important. Take time for solitude!
  • Work out at the gym -I have to carefully plan my trips to the gym but it’s worth it as it helps reduce inflammation, nerve pain, swelling, water weight, and even mental issues such as brain fog or depression. It boosts your energy and speeds up your metabolism. As long as I don’t overdo it, a trip to the gym will make me feel 100% better.
  • Don’t make excuses -For a long time, I believed I could no longer work out. Every time I would go to the gym nausea would act up and fatigue would make me want to stop. My bones would ache, my joints were stiff, inflammation would wreak havoc on my knees and I would leave there almost in tears. Consistency and not overdoing it is key. STRONG MUSCLES SUPPORT WEAK BONES! Eventually, it will work out for your best interest.
  • Ice Packs – After several wrecks caused by distracted drivers, about a dozen surgeries, and a gastric tumor, I know pain all too well. Ice packs are my go-to for pain. They usually provide immediate relief and allows time for medication to kick in.
  • Drinking water -Dehydration causes inflammation which leads to more pain! So drink mostly water throughout the day.
  • Staying busy -I found the times when I had the most pain was when I was inactive because my mind would focus in on it. Get up and get moving. Walk the dog, drive the car, do anything besides nursing your pain. When the pain is too great to want to do anything else that’s when reading and writing really help.
  • Avoid prescriptions drugs that are not absolutely necessary -Did you know that many illegal drugs were once marketed as Prescription medication such as cocaine, heroin, chloroform, and morphine? How much more WRONG can a doctor be? These things were sold as a way to make people feel better but brought addiction, which is far worse. Many prescriptions are addictive because your body becomes dependent on it. It eventually needs a higher dosage to be effective once your body creates a tolerance to it. They slowly increase your dose and sometimes have to give you a different medicine to be effective. This isn’t good for your body. The chemicals in this stuff can make your situation so much worse by causing many other side effects.
  • NEVER allow yourself to think the worst -Our minds can play tricks on us. Especially when we are already depressed and allow ourselves to have a negative mindset. Depression alone can make you sick so thinking positive thoughts is very important. Not only for your mental health but also for your physical health. Keep yourself surrounded by good uplifting music, reading material, videos, posters, memes, quotes, apps, anything that will help you to think positive thoughts. I downloaded an app that would give me positive quotes every day. Anything to keep your mind from being negative.
  • Eat low-carb meals and practice fasting- When your body is riddled with pain, fasting gives relief to inflammation and swelling issues. Fasting in between meals helps your body to recognize true hunger and teaches it to stop craving sugar for energy. Eating low-carb meals boosts your natural energy processes. You can Google many low-carb recipes online and find endless articles on how to eat low-carb or start the keto diet.  I lost 48 pounds on the keto/low carb dieting. Be cautious with the bacon, cheese, heavy whipping creams, and other foods high in saturated fats as it can cause high cholesterol, which can lead to strokes or heart attacks.
  • Download the *Carb Manager App (highly recommend!)– It really helped me to see what I was actually taking in every day when I had to enter it into an app. I was eating small meals but they were filled with carbs. I was also drinking a lot of my carbs in juices (not healthy like you think) and other sugar-filled drinks. That’s easy to remedy just simply by drinking more water. You can follow my other articles that explain how to do keto or low-carb.
  • Pray- I don’t care if you are religious or not, go to church or don’t, or never prayed before in your life. I don’t even care what you believe or if you’ve never read a bible. You don’t have to be religious to pray. You don’t even have to know how. You may have never even thought about God. I still say, pray. Praying will help you physically and mentally! Praying just simply means expressing yourself before God. Speaking to Him like he’s your friend is healthly and can relieve emotional distress.

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