Dirty or Clean Keto?

There are so many ways to do the keto diet, it can get confusing. I want to explain to you the difference between doing it the right and healthy way (clean keto, or, organic keto), versus doing it the unhealthy way (dirty keto). Instead of clean keto, I prefer to call it organic keto because …

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Debt-Free Lifestyle

I realize what a mistake it was to go into debt when I first got married as a young girl. I was trying to get all of the things I needed for keeping house all at once. I have now become financially responsible. I am no longer materialistic enough to go into debt in an …

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A Positive Mindset

It is so hard to remain positive in a negative world, especially when you receive bad news about your health or about someone you love. Recently, I found out that someone I grew up with has cancer and several other things going on with her health. Having been in her shoes, I know what it …

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What Love Isn’t

First of all, my husband I are totally in love with one another, and I don’t want to give you an otherwise mistaken impression. We are known as the couple who actually like one another as well. I’m still just as attracted to him as the day we met. I still notice his cute smile, …

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Attacked with Offense

Have you ever been scrolling through social media and come across someone who is currently on vacation? You know them personally enough to know they just lost a loved one, and they are in debt up to their eye balls. Yet, here they are smiling, spending money, and having a great time. I mean, who do they think are, leaving at a time like this?


Where Does Your Value Come From?

As parents, it’s hard to know whether or not we are teaching our kids the right thing. We know we made many mistakes as children, and we try so hard to keep our children from making the same mistakes we made. We tell them they are the best, they can't lose, and we let them know how proud we are of them. But you may be setting them up for disaster when it comes to their relationships!...



Have you ever noticed things like money, bills, home, and work issues usually don't even compare to the issues we have with other people? Our biggest problems in life usually aren't the challenges we face, it is usually the people we have to face. Many times those people are those who claim to love us.


Negative Patterns

Some people tend to think they know what they want but when they finally get it, it doesn't satisfy that void they feel inside; so they keep looking for something else. When they find something else it doesn't fill the void either so they search again. This type of lifestyle creates bad spending habits, addictions, …

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Pain Management Advice

The following advice is for people that need to BREAK FREE DAILY from pain! Pain can cause major depression. Getting free from it is extremely important. This list was compiled from my own efforts at being pain free during my most stressful and trying times. As always seek a medical professional before taking advice. Do …

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How to Handle Toxic People

Realizing that someone is like poison can be an eye-opener. It is not always apparent at first. Sometimes it is someone you love. That is harder to face. It is important to remember that toxic people don’t care about your desire to be respected. Toxic people mostly care about themselves. They will make you feel …

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Break Free From Carbs

Carbs are a serious issue in the United States. We eat rice, pasta, unlimited bread, sweets, and sodas without giving it another thought. I spent two years researching different diseases and what effect they have on the body. I found that many of my problems were coming from a lack of nutrition. After seeing probably …

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Can’t Anyone Understand What I’m Going Through?

Last year, I had testing done at the Mayo Clinic. It was two weeks' worth so we used it for vacation time as well. I was reading an article about a lady who had moved and her daughter was anxious about finding friends at her new school. She told her mother, “I hope there will be …

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